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Afrobeat Interviews:

”I’m a Natural Man”
Roberto Palombit of OOR Music Magazine interviews Fela in his Amsterdam hotel room in 1981.

The Pre-Conviction Interview
Henk Tummers of OOR Music Magazine interviews Fela after a gig in the Netherlands and before his 1984 prison sentence.

Free at Last!
Roger Stephens of Option Magazine interviews Fela after his release from prison in 1986.

Backstage with Seun Kuti
Julio Punch interviews Seun after Nijmegen’s Music Meeting of 2009.

“I am in Control of The Beat”
Backstage interview with the co-creator of Afrobeat Tony Allen.

The Voice of Africa’s Consciousness
Interview with Femi Kuti before a gig of the European tour of 2010.